The street lifestyle has often been associated with rap music and Hip Hop culture in general. With that said, seldom do you find artists that show any of the negative sides of the underworld. Washington, D.C. based MC Ify P has long been known for his trademark street flare, along with a knack for showcasing the more glamorous aspects of that lifestyle.

Today he makes a departure from his previous releases with his new single ”Lifestyle,” featuring Dirty Shafi. On the track, which is produced by Synesthetic Nation, Ify P sheds light on a female acquaintance whom he knows only “loves him for his lifestyle.” Taking a step away from the street tales, he displays one of the downsides when the love isn’t genuine. Another new avenue for Ify P is the Dirty Shafi collaboration, considering that Ify has never featured any rap artists on his past work.

Give “Lifestyle” a listen below and check out it on iTunes.