There is a melow sound rising on the West Coast. Ross Collins uses his versatility of rapping and singing to find his sound in the music industry. Ross Collins say, “I found growth in Jay-Z; in Nas I found peace. I put those two together and that how I created me.” Right now he just released Sounds Like Summer and wants to see how fans react to his flow.

We caught up with Ross and videographer Juddy for behind the scenes photos for one of his singles Summer Girl. On this project you can expect a combination of producers: Sammy, Enlist, and Tresean compliment Ross style. Get to know the rising artist below!

Q: What’s your name and where are you from?
I go by the name Ross Collins and I am from the east side of Indianapolis Indiana, but I currently live in LA.

Q: How long have you been living in LA?
About a year and a half.

Q: What was your childhood like?
Typical hood diary. Single mom raising three kids on her own. My dad left when we were young. He chose drugs and alcohol over his family, but my mom stood tall and showed us hustle and grit.

Q: How long have you been rapping?
It feels like forever, but it’ll be two years in August.

Q: What were you doing before music?
Before music I was in school playing basketball. I played through high school and two years of college. That was the only thing I had a passion for and knew how to do well. Once basketball was no longer an option, I went down a dark meaningless path of survival, which redirected me to music.

Q: What got you into music?
Rapping was always in the back of my mind growing up. I’ve kept a journal since my sophomore year of high school where I would write poetry and raps in. But in Indianapolis, everyone is a rapper. Once I lost the passion for basketball, I knew I wanted to pursue music, so I started studying and learning how to write and rhyme. I fell in love with it naturally, as if I should’ve been doing this my whole life.

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, J Cole, Sade, Lauryn Hill, K Dot, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Drake.

Q: What’s your favorite album?
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill and 2014 Forest Hills Dr. by J Cole.

Q: Who do you study to better your craft?
I study great people who reached the top of their craft. People like Steve Jobs, Nip, Kendrick, Malcolm X, The Bhagwan, etc. I study mindsets and apply their philosophies to my craft to become a better artist.

Q: How do you work?
Most times I write to the beats I like, but there are other times when I like a beat so much, that it’s best if I freestyle to it first to register the flows running through my mind.

Q: What do you want people to get out of your art?
I simply want people to experience truth when they hear my music. I want my music to open conversation, and most importantly, I want people to feel the good energy we offer through music and embrace it fully.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve been given.
Be honest and open, move on morals not money, and always choose creation over reaction.

Q: What are you doing when you’re not making music?
When I’m not making music, I’m hiking, reading, meditating, or smoking weed.

Q: What is your favorite or most inspirational place?
Heaven. I think about it every day, though I am fully engaged in life and creating all I can before I return.

Q: What other releases can we expect from you this year?
Sounds Like Summer out now, and we plan on dropping again before the end of the year. Also expect a few singles to drop leading up to our next release. I plan on dropping musical content for the rest of the year.

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