Major D-Star wears his authenticity on his sleeve for the release of his latest single from the Trap Star LP, Nothin’ to Do Wit Dat. Over the subdued, guitar-driven soundbed, he lyrically sidesteps a cohort of MCs who seem to put everything in their raps—except facts.

“I remember I used to look up to rap; now it’s too fake…I ain’t used to that,” he spits in the opening bars of his first verse. With a focus on winning, he appears to aim at rappers stretching truths and all-out lying on their records. Reminiscing on his rollercoaster journey—and even writing raps back in detention—he lays out everything he isn’t in illuminating detail. It’s a message that plays well within the tapestry of the full LP, which contextually taps into not only the life Major D-Star leads but the life he led.

The song’s title is ultimately an assertion of disassociation with anyone or anything that opposes the underlying principles he lives by, in favor of chasing what matters most—success, the greatest revenge. Take an exclusive listen below!