It is time for the Inside Look at Brandon  Thomas’ latest music video “California.”

You may know Brandon from his most recognized 2014 beat for rapper OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”. Brandon has had much success throughout his production career, but now he is ready to take on a new challenge by establishing his name with his lyrical side. You won’t find anyone on the same scale as Brandon when it comes to his ambition and diverse influence established from various production projects; leading to his loyal fanbase built over time, carrying his name throughout the years.

The Atlanta based artist has made a name for himself through collaborations with well-known names like Kanye West, Jaden Smith, Madonna, and many others among them. And like the change in seasons, he is ready to bring on some transformations with adding his own voice to our music scene, while also influencing the game with his new fashion and music taste. Brandon drops his latest video “California,” and sits down with us, giving his own detail on the project.  Get ready for this Inside Look into producer turnt singer, Brandon Thomas.

“I use to think I would either be homeless under a bridge or the next millionaire to change the world.”

It was either one or the other for Brandon.  From just the start, and based on this quote, you can understand that he makes sure to aim higher than many others around him. He quickly made a name for himself in production and is now ready to take his career to the next level with his voice.

The music video for “California” starts off with Brandon walking around a California neighborhood with smooth cuts in between the visual to keep the music flowing just right. Then it catches a twist when Brandon is seen smoking in a club which changes to him getting lit with his close friend OG Maco. The energy and sleek edits throughout the video do an amazing job at really keeping the music alive, which most likely was the vision that Brandon was hoping for his video.

“I feel like the future innovators need to stop being lazy, because your generations future depends on you.”

Being the producer behind OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” beat propelled Brandon quickly to establish his name in the industry, growing his clout throughout the years. And through this time, it has helped him come to learn that the music outlets and innovators are the ones responsible for changing the generation; from the press coverage done by highly established blogs to the distribution of music from many online music stores. Brandon’s views about these issues with our music outlets and innovators are simply that they aren’t pushing the culture as much as they can, even if the future depends on them. With the increased security of his name and brand, Brandon has made it his mission to do more.  In the near future, he wants to work alongside these innovators and music outlet brands to help share his ideas on the problems artists face from the current state of the music system.

Now that you’ve stuck with us for the Inside Look in Brandon Thomas latest music video, it’s time you get the experience yourself. Watch the video below and make sure to join us next week for another segment, thank you for reading!