New York, New YorkCRASH RARRI debuts new music video for “FAMOUS/SPACESHIP” via All Def Digital.

“FAMOUS/SPACESHIP” is RARRI’s second visual from his upcoming project Ghetto Greatness. Directed by David Wept and sponsored by All Def Digital, “FAMOUS/SPACESHIP” recreates iconic scenes from the Disney classic, “Toy Story”, but with an inclusive, minority cast.

The video begins with RARRI’s nephew, starring as “Andy” in a room adorned with RARRI memorabilia. From action figures to bed sets to posters, CRASH RARRI is “Andy’s” hero.

Seemingly growing a reputation for his visuals in addition to his sound, RARRI transitions from feelings of nostalgia to a more futuristic wave, the video showcases RARRI “slidin’ with your shawty” in his spaceship whip, interspersed with galactic and fan-crazed scenes.

Following his journey through space, we find RARRI being mobbed on the red carpet as fans and paparazzi alike swarm the carpet for his attention. RARRI’s talent continues to shine in this video, through his charisma, confidence and especially icy fit.

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