Women across the world walked out of their offices and hit the streets today in support of the International Women’s Strike, an event organized for International Women’s Day to protest Donald Trump’s presidency and also “demand social provision and labor rights” for women. Schools closed, websites ceased operations, tons of celebrities tweeted about the strike, and lawmakers stood in solidarity with marchers, signaling widespread support of the action. At the beginning of the day, even a monument was erected in honor of the event, thanks to a Wall Street firm that decided to place a statue of a defiant little girlopposite the New York business district’s famous bull statue.

Before the strike, Donald Trump tweeted to express his support of International Women’s Day, despite his glaring history as a misogynistic advocate for sexual assault.

The President was, thankfully, shut down on Twitter by comedians and critics alike.

And, in New York City, 13 women protesting in front of Trump Tower were arrested for “civil disobedience” after they refused to protest on the sidewalks instead of on the street.


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