Tyler Jamal better known as Tyla Yaweh is one of the hottest artists coming up right now. Having to sleep in studios due to unforeseen circumstances to eventually having the means to support himself Tyla found music as literally a life saver. One of his most notable accolades is signing to Post Malone and Dre London.

“I watched Post come up like right before my eyes, it was a really great experience for me. To see White Iverson at 5 thousand plays to where he is now really fuels my drive as an artist. I feel like I really can do anything.”

To start his journey he linked with the creators of Rolling Loud and at first performance they decided he was a special talent. They decided to manage him unofficially and everything took off from there. Recording with Birdman at Hit Factory and being on tour with Caskey are just some of the many accomplishments Tyla achieved along his journey. One of the moments he cherishes the most is being in the studio with A$ap Ferg and French Montana where they embraced him after he spit a freestyle. Tyla  pointed to Eli Gold among many other people as people who have helped him very much along the way. His inspirations vary in genre which is what I think makes him a unique artist. He doesn’t sound like anyone and no one really sounds like him. He found a light at the end of the tunnel with music and he never looked back since. He looks to get into producing and one day hopes to produce his own project.  Tyla currently lives in La and has hits with various big name artists in the game today. Many people would describe him as a Rockstar  and he wholeheartedly accepts that title also stating that a feature in Rolling Stone would solidify that for him.

Tyla Yaweh is a unique name and when asked where it originated he explained that Yaweh means God or to breathe new life.

“I want my music to be a breath of fresh air when people hear it I want them to feel things they’ve never felt before. I want to be unique and I also feel like I can breathe life into the music game, I think they’re ready for me.”

Tyla plans on dropping his project “F*** The Rules” at the top of 2019 and will be touring with Yung Pinch. He will be performing at Posty Fest and will accompany Post Malone for a show on New Years. You can check out his latest video for “Goals” ft Preme and be on the lookout for his newest single “She Bad” which dropped today.

How was living in Florida , do you remember it at all?

“Hell yeah! A whole lot happened there I was in a group that I dropped out of. When I was younger I got kicked out so I had to sleep in studios and my friend would actually let me chill at his house and make music but when he left I would have to just go somewhere for a little. It was rough but it makes me who I am I don’t think I would change that. Those hard times are when I turned to music the most.”

Some people would describe you as a Rockstar, what would you say to that?

“Yeah I definitely would go with that. My music is different you can’t really put in in a category but if I could I would go with that. I like that.”

How did you link with Post & eventually sign to him?

“I watched his come up like legit in front of my eyes I opened for him when white Iverson was at 5 thousand plays, to see him where he is now is a blessing as a close friend watching this and it’s also motivation for me. He made something that the whole world was able to vibe to. That’s what I’m looking to do”

“As far as signing to him it was all organic we really came up together like were the same age so me and him were really close before all this. We got some tracks in the works too be on the lookout for that.”

What’s your favorite song by you?

“I like all my songs but I would say go back to my oldest tracks that me in my most pure element. There’s videos on YouTube with my very first tapes I would want people to listen to those tracks”

What do you want new listeners to know about you?

” I’m a hard worker and I make great music. I came up from nothing, now I’m looking to be one of the best artists in the music business.”

Where did you get your name from?

“Yaweh means God and to breathe new life, I want my music to be a breathe of new life in music. When people hear my music I want it to be different & more unique than anything music they have ever heard.”

What do you have planned for the future?

“I have a lot planned I’m going on tour with Young Pinch, I’m performing at Posty Fest and I’m also performing with Post Malone on New Years at the Barclays in Brooklyn. I just dropped my single “She Bad” produced by Bizness Boi and I also just dropped the video to my track “Goals” featuring Preme. I’ve been working hard I can’t wait for the fans to see what I’ve been working on”