Jersey City native, Blizzy is definitely taking the music game by storm, finding a happy medium between, the hype beats of Jersey and the lower tones of his new home, in Brooklyn New York.

Since his recent move  last September, he’s quickly found that not only is Brooklyn the place he needed to be in order to really cultivate his sound, but that it was also a place for him to find new opportunities to expand  his reach.

Making one of his greatest accomplishments thus far, his opportunity to perform on the legendary SOB’s stage, the performance opened up the opportunity for him  to begin to develop a true fan base, with supporters who continue to mention how unique his sound is, one of which saying quote,

“Blizzy makes music for people to turn up to, it’s all about his hooks they’re different  I feel like that’s what separates him from a lot of other rappers”.

( photo cred: Apex.visions )

Lucky for me, I was able to briefly interview the rising star.

Check it out below.


Newest single and what does it mean to you?

Blizzy: I recently dropped an EP on September 14th called “BlizzzyxDubLoThe Ep” featuring my cousin Dub Lo. You can currently find it on soundcloud. This is my very first project and the fact that we dropped it on our birthday together, it means a lot to the both us. So far I’ve been getting nothing but great reviews and comments from people.

How long it took to complete this project?

Blizzy: The project was originally supposed to drop in May, but we didn’t want it to feel like we were rushing our very first project. In that time we were going through all the songs we made, revising them and then started making new songs in between. Eventually we came up with the idea of dropping it on our birthday (Yes, we have the same birthday). It being the first project either of us has released, it only made sense.

What producers assisted you on  the project?

Blizzy: My engineers are DJWAVEGOD and A-Lau. Most of the tracks are produced by the same producers. (cashmoneyap, thankyoutakeoff, kingwill music, iamtash)

So far, what have been your biggest successes and biggest failures that you have learned from?

Blizzy: My biggest success so far has to be performing at SOB’s. Being that it was on September 7th, which made a year of me living in Brooklyn, It felt good to be able to say I had the opportunity to grace a stage so many greats have blessed before me. (IN ONLY 5 MONTHS OF RAPING).

The biggest failure I can say I’ve learned from is not believing in myself 100% from the start. I was always subconscious of what people thought of me. I learned eventually to not care what others think because 10 out of 10 times people wish they had the courage to chase their real dreams and not care what others think.

Where you see your self in 5 years?

Blizzy: In 5 years I see myself up there with all the big names in the game. Me and gang doing everything we ever talked about doing.

What’s next?

Blizzy: I will soon be premiering the video to my hit song “Wrist”. It’s going to be big so watch out for that. That and some follow up visuals for a surprise unreleased track so stay tuned!

Any other shout outs?

Blizzy: The most important shout out I would give is to my mother who passed away when I was In high school to cancer. She always supported whatever idea I had and that’s where I get my courage from today, knowing she’s still there supporting me.

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