Interview With New York Artist, Producer and Dj TGUT At Audiomack Headquarters

TGUT has been working very hard this 2018. Fresh off his Australian tour, appearance at the smokers club fest and rolling loud set with Asap Ferg the DJ, Artist & Producer took time off for an interview at Audiomack headquarters.

Born in Virginia made in New York he started as a business major, Dj’ing house parties, with dreams of traveling the world. After realizing that music is what he wanted to do he switched his major to marketing with hopes he could tie his degree with his passion. Safe to say his dream came to fruition.

He has hosted shows for the LOX, Snapchat, appeared at governor’s ball, & hosted sets for Xavier Woulf, Asap Ferg & many other artists. Having worked with many high profile artists i wanted to know which collaboration stood out to him the most:

“When you work with so many talented artists it’s hard to single out one person, but Curren$y is an artist that I was really happy to work with. He’s someone that I value in music and working with him was special to me.”

TGUT does a lot being a Dj, Artist and Producer. For some, when you are able to do multiple different things you favor one experience over another. For him being able to Dj produce & create songs on his own is the whole package, he needs it all:

“My love for this came from doing shows. Having people vibe with your set from start to finish is amazing, I love it.” He continues: “Creating beats and having other artists like it is also a really good feeling. Being able to create a full song with my production is something that i cant explain. My journey includes it all, I don’t think I would be the same just picking one”

He currently has two songs which he is heavily pushing. “Maybe” which was Co Produced by and features Dutch Boy & “Flashback” which was produced by TGUT and features Spargga Benz and Eric Bellinger. TGUT was also recently at Summer Jam 2018 with A$ap Ferg.

When asked about one moment in his career he felt that he made it he says:

“I really dont like picking one moment like this because every moment is a stepping stone for the next. One moment that stays with me is meeting Wyclef Jean”

“We met while we were taping a Bless The Booth, He ended up hearing one of my beats and doing a freestyle on the beat. I really look up to Wyclef, he’s a real artist who’s only about the music.”

As an artist and producer I was interested to know who influences his sound:

“A heavy influence would definitely be Anderson .Paak when it comes to an artist. I see his “Yes Lawd” project as a top 5 in my eyes. He is another artist that is just about the music. He is a true artist.”

“As for Dj’s and Producers I look up to Diplo and Kaytranada. The path they have created and bar set for producers and Dj’s is incredible. I appreciate the highlight they put on producers.”

“Something that made me change my outlook on music was seeing Diplo skip his Cochella set to create and lend his hand in Africa. It helped me to see the bigger picture and realize that this all isn’t just about making money. The people always come first.”

TGUT has already worked with a number of big names. When asked who he hopes to work with in the future, he says:

“I would want to work with Anderson .Paak, Andre 3000, Wayne and Drake. Drake is a big one, he is like the Michael Jcakson of this generation. Working with him would be a big one for me.”

For his future plans he looks to grow his label doperoots which is currently Dj based. Along with hosting sets with artists TGUT also hosts his “No Ends” skate show featuring A$ap Ferg and Audiomack as partners.

” I look up to and have worked with a lot of legends but its much more inspiring to see people i know personally make it. people who started and came up the exact same way i did.”

When asked what he wants people to take away from his music TGUT says:

“Emotion, I want to make anything that invokes some type of emotion. Something that genuine. You know you have a true hit when you can make someone you don’t know feel something real.”

TGUT has already done so much and has even more planned. You can follow him on Instagram and stream his latest tracks on Audiomack.

Special thanks to Audiomack !