“I had to do it by myself for so long to where when you come back in my life. It just don’t feel right. It feel like something missing and it feel different. So you have to forgive me if I act strange with you. Never change with you.” Kevin Gates. 

This is the introduction to Kevin Gates “I’ll Find You Again” off his newly released album Luca Brasi 3. Kevin Gates has been extremely transparent in his life from his legal issues which lead to an excessive sentence in 2015 to his relationship with his Wife Dreka Gates. He was released from prison in January of 2018 after being incarcerated for well over a year. 

Despite Kevin Gates’ hard exterior, here, in “I’ll Find You Again” we get a glimpse of something quite different. He opens up and reveals an intimate look at how his life as an incarcerated man has altered his relationship with wife Dreka Gates. Many have become fans of the couples relationship just as they are in love with his raw and heartfelt music. In “I’ll Find You Again” Gates takes us on a 4 minute, 31 second journey as he exposes the hidden storyline that was playing out in the lives of him and his wife as many in the media mocked his incarceration. In the opening lyrics Gates conveys, The judge broke us up when I went back to court, sentenced to time and it tore us apart. 

Gates tells an all to familiar love story of families torn apart by many times a harsh criminal justice system. Countless lovers of his music can relate, being that the United States alone incarcerates over two million people. He goes on to express,

“Been away too long, I no longer know who you are but I’ll find you again, I’ll find you again love.”

Gates announces to his fans with the release of “I’ll Find You Again” that he is much more evolved and in tune than ever as he makes a declaration that whatever has been lost will be found again including his undying friendship with his wife.

Kevin Gates is the epitome of, “The Comeback Kid” with numerous sold out shows and over 6 million followers on instagram alone that watch his every move. It is clear that although he has faced many tribulations throughout his life which have taken him for quite the detour, not only is he here to stay. He is here to win. In the closing of, “I’ll Find You Again” Gates leaves no stone unturned and makes it very clear where his relationship with his wife stands when he says, “Our love is fire inside and it’s gon burn forever.”

Written by, Charna Goins

Instagram: IAmCharnaDanielle