A lot of people have been complaining that there isn’t any “real rap” music out anymore and everything is mumble rap or trap music but I disagree. This generation is full of rappers that can rap their ass off as well as others who are more melodic, and some who are more adept at making bangers. Not everyone is played on the radio but with Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and more there is no excuse not to find whatever type of hip-hop music you enjoy.

If you still can’t find what your looking for don’t worry I got you covered. Let’s take a trip to East Harlem and let me introduce you to Anthony Ortiz better known as UFO Fev. You may not be familiar with the name yet but he’s buzzing in the streets and in the industry and some of the biggest stars have his eyes on him. Music is something that has been in his blood since birth. His father Tony is part of the internationally known Latin House Music group “TKA” and was a major influence on him. Surprisingly music isn’t something he wanted as a career for his son.

“He didn’t really want me to do music and he wasn’t too active in my transition into music. That kind of motivated me to be as good as I can be so he could see why I’m doing what I’m doing. Had to prove him wrong and show him that it wasn’t the streets that made me want to do music but it was the “music” that made me want to do music.”

As he began transitioning to a young man and making a name for himself in the streets with his music he was given the name “Fev” by former Bad Boy signee Black Rob. A good family friend who practically watched him grow up. Later on, after doing his own personal research on different things going on in the world he picked up the “UFO” which stands for “Unidentified Flowing Object”

“One day I was walking through the neighborhood and I bumped into Black Rob and before he walked away he grabbed me and said “I heard you rhyming out here, I heard you got a little Fever out here, you’re hot you heating up. So I took that as a compliment and it stuck, from fever I cut it down to Fev”

A student of the game UFO gives you that classic New York sound and was influenced by the Jay, Biggie, Pac, and much more, but when asked which artist had the biggest influence on his career, he responded “Beanie Sigel.”

“The first artist that really inspired me to be an MC was Beanie Sigel. Besides Biggie and stuff, because I grew up loving those guys, but I really wasn’t at the age and my mind really wasn’t developed to understand what Big was saying. It was just music. When I started to gradually transition into the streets and become a young man and understand a lot more things, it was Beanie Sigel that kind of guided my childhood into adulthood. So I would give him the main influence.”

After already creating a buzz with his 2014 project Around My Way, UFO FEV returned last year with his collaborative EP with producer Rich Lou titled Taxes. The project caught the ear of Puff Daddy and helped fuel Fev’s fire and proved to himself that he had something. A few months after meeting with Puffy, Fev had a meeting with Fat Joe which came about through Dre from Cool & Dre, who had heard his buzzing street single “Mr. Nice Guy.” His first meeting with Fat Joe didn’t go as well as some may seem.

“It wasn’t as easy as people may think because I’m Puerto Rican. It was kind of an awkward situation, he wasn’t too welcoming of us but it was all love.”

Not looking to sign any rappers at the time UFO Fev wasn’t discouraged and kept the heat coming, releasing his Camouflage EP back in March with Tallahassee producer Backpack Beatz. The project went on to receive co-signs from DJ Enuff, Fat Joe and many more.

“I met Backpack through social media he heard Taxes and he was very fond of what I was doing. He reached out and sent me some stuff. “Mr. Nice Guy” was in the first batch he sent and we knocked it out in a month or two.”

“I like to work with various producers, but I prefer when I’m crafting my sound to focus in with one producer. It’s easier for the business and it’s easier for the creative content and we can build a lot more.”

4 months after dropping his Camouflage project Fat Joe signed the rising emcee to his RNG Music Group. Don’t get it confused this isn’t a new Terror Squad but it’s own entity with Fev being the first piece of the puzzle. Shortly after inking his deal Fev bodied his freestyle on Funk Flex.

“I was nervous, man, I’m not going to lie. I have been wanting to get up to Flex since the Lox, since Dipset. I really wanted to him to say get your tape decks ready. That’s the first thing I and the only thing to this day I asked Joe for.”

UFO Fev’s distinct flow, lyrical prowess, and passion for the game sets him apart from many and this is only the start for the young rapper. With legends like Fat Joe and Diddy in his corner, the sky’s the limit for the rising emcee.