So, the new release of the iPhone 8 may actually be something that people are looking forward to. The release of the iPhone 7 drove Apple consumers crazy and for all the right reasons. First of all, Apple completely took away the charger port from the iPhone 7. Basically, the iPhone 7 has one port in the phone so you can either charge your phone or listen to music. There’s no more multi-tasking. Secondly, if you wish to charge your phone and listen to music, you would have to pay $159 for some wireless earbuds. This was and still continues to be one of the biggest disappointments in Apple as far as iPhone releases.

The iPhone 8 will possibly fix that problem. According to Mashable, the new iPhone will include the wireless earpods in the package. Although this may increase the price for the iPhone, this could be either exceptionally good or a disaster. Reason being is because the iPhone itself is already pricey. Last year when Apple dropped their highly anticipated iPhone 7, their stock dropped drastically according to TIME Magazine. Not a lot of people invested into that new release. Even though the phone and the announcement of the new release contributed to the stock drop, the iPhone 7 Plus created more of rave due to it’s dual camera and it’s newly added Portrait effect.

The iPhone 8 is slated to drop in September. There is no set price for it yet but if it does include the Apple earpods,  look at your bank account before you think about buying it. I’m going to guarantee that it’s going to cost a bundle.