Young Thug released a trailer to his upcoming album and it has social media going wild.

Young Thug first announced the new compilation he would be serving up to the fans in April. He then went on to announce, near the middle of May, regarding new merchandise. Then, Rap Up shared more details yesterday, June 13th, stating that the project is influenced by his relationship with fiancée, Jerrika Karlae, and features Future, Snoop Dogg, Jacquees, Lil Durk, and U.K.’s own Millie Go Lightly. It has also been said to be executive produced by none other than, Drake, as this is said to be Thug’s first singing album.

Though, there are certainly some bellows on his last album, Jeffery.


Young Thug, who received his first platinum certification for “Best Friend” last year, also produced cover art for the upcoming release. Furthermore, he delivered the track list.

1. “Family Don’t Matter” feat. Millie Go Lightly
2. “Tomorrow Til Infinity”
3. “She Wanna Party”
4. “Daddy’s Birthday”
5. “Do U Love Me”
6. “Relationship” feat. Future
7. “You Said”
8. “On Fire”
9. “Get High” feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Durk
10. “Feel It”
11. “Me Or Us”
12. “Oh Yeah”
13. “For Y’all” feat. Jacquees
14. “Take Care”

With the release of the Beautiful Thugger Girls trailer, cover art, and track list, the internet has been picking sides, as you saw amid the tweets, however, isn’t most of our Entertainment inclusive of violence?

I agree we should stop the violence, and promoting it as it has, historically, and prominently, been promoted, but maybe Thug is only expressing his creative freedom, right? Furthermore, over the years, movies and television shows, such as Mad Max: Fury Road, How To Get Away With Murder, Bad Boys, Power, Set It Off, and Pirates of The Caribbean, have all been highly acclaimed and did not receive nearly as much, if any, backlash.

So, think people are being too tough on Young Thug for the trailer? Is it any more violent than anything we’ve already seen in Entertainment? Or are Young Thug fans just anxious for the release this Friday, June 16th?

Anora Blazin