Where were you when you discovered Frank Ocean? As faithful Frank fans know- today, October 28th, he was born.

Ocean came into the world on this day in 1987 in Cali. Then, his family moved to New Orleans while he was still a kid, according to Biography. Later, as a teen, Frank is said to have left for Los Angeles. He knew he wanted to pursue a music career so he picked up and left. Bold, right?

Since, Ocean has gone on to incredible success. He started out writing songs for others like acclaimed Artists’ ascensions to affluence before him. By “others”, we’re talking John Legend, Justin Bieber, and Brandy. According to Rolling Stone, these songwriting checks were paying the bills too. Though, Ocean admitted he “had a problem listening to A&Rs telling [him] how a song was supposed to sound, or what [an] artist’s vibe was…”, he stayed down to come up.

He eventually collaborated with Jay-Z, Kanye West, James Blake, and Beyoncé. Then, also awarded us Nostalgia, Ultra, Channel Orange, and Blond. Blond being delivered after a hiatus, has been called “gorgeous“, “brilliant“, and “avant-garde“.

That said, a thriller style birthday playlist (in honor of Frank Ocean- and Halloween):

Ocean just beat a $14.5 million libel suit filed by his father and will present Rick Rubin with an award at Spotify’s Secret Genius Awards.

30 must be the new 20, Frank? Turn up!