Hip-Hop sketch comedians ItsTheReal just dropped the latest episode of their podcast A Waste Of Time With ItsTheReal featuring Rory from The Joe Budden Podcast (The podcast formally known as I’ll Name This Podcast Later).  They had him on to basically talk about what he has going on and his very interesting life story.

In the interview, he talks about how he moved around quite a bit as a youth even though he’s originally from Queens, NY.   The moving came from his father being a “Rolling Stone” as he calls it. hence why he was such a menace as he says in his early years. He finally settled in and graduated from a high school in Rhode Island.  He received a full track scholarship to St. Peters College in Jersey City (now St. Peter’s University).

He was kicked out of college towards the end of his first semester and found his was to a Def Jam internship.  There, he built relationships with multiple people, including Gabrielle Peluso, the general manager at Def Jam whom which he was interning under, and 50 Cent’s former manager Sha Money XL.

That relationship with Sha Money would prove to be the most helpful for him as he became his intern.  So now he was running around with him in all different types of recording studios and building more relationships.

He has a couple stories that are just hilarious including Kanye West coming into the building, forcing everybody to wear suits as if they were in medieval times.  That’s where he played the album “Donda’s Son” which is now “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

That is just a little synopsis of the episode and I really encourage you all to listen to it because it truly is an amazing story.