One thing for sure Florida rap is on the map. So much talent is coming from the state of Florida it will blow your mind. Each city in Florida has its own sound and lingo. Overall it’s a great time in hip hop and rap for the state of Florida. Back in the early 2000’s you only had Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, and Uncle Luke. Now days you have an entire movement and everyone is shinning waiting their turn to be next. I’m not saying it’s all unity but it’s a force that you can’t dismiss. Something has to be in the Florida water for this much talent to be on the rise. Next up and from the city of Miramar,Fl is ItzBon3z. Never heard of the city of Miramar may be one of the first out his area to break onto the scene.

ItzBon3z has a banger by the name of “Flaugin”. He’s not lacking one bit and he’s on his p’s and q’s. The record is basically about paying attention to details. Scooping out and beware of what lames may do. This goes for male or female bottom line is people have flaws. But you don’t have to cap about it. Flaugin is just separating the real from the fake. ItzBon3z catches the holy ghost with his flow. Sounds like it’s pretty natural. Great breath control and delivery with using so many words. Not easy to do, makes you wonder how is his performances. Really can’t think of anybody out of Florida sounding like this right now. He grabs up Lilz to drop a verse and he gives a laid back delivery. But the collaboration is a good balance of substance and flow. Catches your attention over a mid tempo drug induced production. It’s not too much but just enough. Get ready to hear and see a lot of ItzBon3z around. In the meantime check out his latest record “Flaugin” below.