J. Bles is an Atlanta native that has all the tricks and trades of being an entrepreneur. He has put hard work into his business by mentoring others. We have caught up with Bles and talked about how he developed his talent, his business, Bles Up, his startup to getting his own label and more.

Peep below.

  • Describe what J Bles stands for. Is Bles short term for blessing?


I introduce the blessings to people by interacting with them. Jamahal, my real name, makes me feel grand. I give a lot of help and mentor people. But I would never say I am God, because I don’t want to take all of the credit.


  • How did you develop your talents? I see you’re an artist, entrepreneur, and influencer?


My Mom put me in acting classes at a young age, and my Dad was a DJ. I was always around music. In fact, in middle school, I DJ’d the dances and the principal would pay me afterwards. A couple of friends influenced me to rap, and I thought it was a joke. In high school, I took someone from their boyfriend and had beef with them. So, I went to the studio to do a diss track. Ever since then, I fell in love with it after the growth. Cole was my influence, I made beats by being a producer in college. I find it fun to interact with people while I create music. 


  • How/Who did you become inspired to get in the hip-hop game?


It’s the Atlien in me to say Outkast. I fell in love with battle rapping watching Cassidy and Loaded Lux all the time and it inspired me. I was caught up in the Atlanta scene so much that I was a late bloomer to being a Hov fan. When Blueprint came out, he was the one who sparked everything. He broke down the structure as a business owner by rapping and talking and making people listen. 


  • If a fan comes to your show and hasn’t heard your music, what song would you perform for them to go back to your catalog and look up more and say I like his music.


For the ladies the song will be “Me 2.” It is very sensual. When it comes on, you will know what a woman wants by letting them know how to take care of the woman and how to hold it down at the same time. 

For my males the song will be “Regular.”When you listen to it, it’s a Kendrick “DNA” vibe. “Topic” is a lyrical single that is the intro to the project. It correlates to a Just Blaze beat vibe mix with an orchestra plus sample type off of the recent project ‘Pre game.’


  • What can your sound be defined as in the Atlanta rap scene?


It’s very versatile and creates different vibes. Nobody is doing trap or auto tune, lyrically, etc. with different aspects of music. We love bass! With my sound, there are a plethora of different moods off the project, and you can’t like just one track.


  • Tell me about your brand Bles Up. It is really creative!


It introduces positivity by blessing others. I want to do a music tour plus take a break and do a motivational tour on how to be a better version of ourselves. I already got people saying bless up every show, and that let’s me know that the fans are feeling good. I don’t sell music, I sell experience! My slogan is  “it’s ok to bless up.”


  • Tell us about your business of Fli Boi Entertainment. The mission statement of it.


Its from the influence of Jay-Z. It once went by Fli Boi J but later trademarked it.  I signed myself to the entertainment label. It helped me build and understand the industry, connect myself to other businesses, communicate, educate my mindset, and have a conversation with other people. I added marketing to it too and learned to tag line and etc. I have dealt with people because of the experience from the consumers and educating them. I think people appreciate me  by going the extra mile. 


  • With your EP, No Boxes, what sound did you want to bring with your artistry? Why the name as well?


The project was made by me being depressed at the time. The whole concept was about not being boxed in. When the world is against me, I want to emerge and show some of the ins and outs of depression. Back then I wasn’t doing what I needed to do to get out of the situation. But I don’t plan on going back. 


  • Do you think there is growth from your previous project to the recent one?


With the new project, ‘Rich Nigga Problems,’ there is growth and progression going forward. I will be doing a tour with ‘RNP.’  RNP has three different meanings. Growth of understanding by being self employed for over two years by the trust of money. Secondly, lets not make dumb decisions and spend money on unnecessary things. Lastly, dealing with Trump and the political views in different areas and places and we, as African Americans, get looked at a different way.