Young Thug and J Cole are two very different rappers with two very different sounds. And even though Cole says he has embraced the new sound that the so called “mumble” and “Soundcloud rappers” have brought into the hip hop culture, Thug’s eclectic sound and tastes could be a lot for anyone. So, you can imagine our surprise when we found out that the two artists are not only working together in the studio, but Cole is slated to executive produce Young Thug’s next album.

After taking Young Thug on tour with him last year, Cole has reportedly labeled Thug a genius with a skill levels that surpass just a “mumble rapper apparently Thug has the ambition to match. With dreams of winning 20 Grammys and growing his bank account to a sum that out paces his peers, the Beautiful Thugger Girls (2017) musician has a goal that Cole will undoubtedly help him to reach with this next project. Hashtag PLATINUM NO FEATURES (Cole hates that by the way).

The two have seemingly already started recording at a studio in New York. However, sources are unsure if the two will release their body of work under one of the names that Thug has teased for previous projects: Barter 7or Hy!£UN35.
Written by: Chay Rodriguez