The Black Community Is Not Tolerating Certain Things Anymore.

27 players. Necessary.

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Today, many NFL players are taking a stand by taking a knee due to the comments by our President calling for owners to yank players off the field for taking a knee during the national anthem and taking away his invite to the Warriors to visit the White House after Stephen Curry said he’s not going. I don’t even know if you can do that. However, what Donald didn’t seem to realize is in his pandering to his base, he only united the rest of America over what was considered a controversial issue amongst Trump supporters and Trump opposers. Hip-Hop united even more, as a result.

Yesterday, Diddy called for all the players to take a knee. But today, J. Cole in a rare tweet thread called for even more drastic measures: boycotting the NFL. He’s not the first person to call for this but, he is definitely the most prominent. Add on to the fact that he doesn’t tweet and this makes his comments even more poignant.

Before I let him take it away, he gave a very random but, very appreciated shout out to Cardi B. Let me reiterate the fact that he doesn’t tweet. A heavy majority of his few tweets seem automated. She might be the only non-Dreamville artist he showed love to on Twitter.

But, here’s what he had to say about the boycotting the NFL. Are you going to follow his lead?

Paul Robinson