Hailing from Oklahoma City, the multi-talented instrumentalist and producer, J French, offers us food for thought to close out the year with Different Ain’t Different.  With J French’s father, Brother Num, being a two-time Grammy Award-winning musician and his cousin , Kanye West, being a Grammy Award-winning mega rap star, J French proves that he is nothing short of musical talent.

French states that Different Ain’t Different is about the lack of authenticity in the artistry component of the music industry today.

“Different ain’t Different’ is about artistry not being as respected as it should. It’s about artists not being able to be artists without someone either completely biting them or duplicating their style, which depreciates the value of true artistry. This song is made from pure observation and you can tell by the lyrics.” 

Different Ain’t Different serves as the leading single off of J French’s forth coming album. He has been working alongside talented producers such as Demitrius “Meech” Shipp Sr.


Listen to J French’s Different Ain’t Different below. Let us know what you think.