Los Angeles based duo I DO is a musical marriage between rising songwriter J.Lauryn who has won a Grammy for writing on Ziggy Marley’s self-titled album from 2017 and has also worked David Guetta, Ashanti and international platinum producer Trackdilla who has worked with the likes of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Sean Paul, Scott Storch and more. The duo who is managed by Dre London joined forces in 2017. Their music is versatile and their sound is a fusion of Afro Pop, reggae, hip-hop, R&B and pop creating a global sound that is very relatable and can be played almost everywhere.

Just last summer they dropped there debut single “Woke Up In Kingston” which has already amassed over 500K streams and continues to grow. The accompany visual has cinematic feel to it and finds the two in a precarious situation as a robbery goes wrong. The clip gives a taste of the J. Lauryn’s and Trackdilla’s creativity and there love for movies. They followed the track up with there latest release “Tears” which finds the duo tackling an ongoing problem in this world, which is gun violence. Showing that along with creating songs that you can dance to they also have songs that make you think as much as they make you move your feet. With there two singles out now I DO is gearing up to drop there anticipated debut EP which is slated to arrive at the end of June.

I had the opportunity to sit down with J. Lauryn and Trackdilla to discuss how they met, their creative process, upcoming music, and much more. Check it out below along with the visuals for “Woke Up In Kingston” and “Tears”

You each have your own separate careers. How did you end up crossing paths and working together?

J. Lauryn: One of my best friends was at a music video shoot for a song that Trackdilla produced she was talking me up per usual. She connected us he set me over a pack of beats and that’s how it all started.

How did you guys come up with the name “I Do” is there any significance behind it?

Trackdilla: Yeah she actually came up with it. I’ll let her tell the story.

J. Lauryn: Pretty much we were trying to figure out a name as any band does. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do especially to find a name that hasn’t been taken. 2019 there’s like so many bands out there. But i call him my music husband because out of all the people i worked with we have this easy flow it’s a dope music marriage. So that’s how “I Do” came about.

The music you guys make has a world sound to it and I feel like anyone can relate to it. Is that the goal when you guys create?

J. Lauryn: For sure. There’s no real intention behind each song that we make but he’s a worldly producer.

Trackdilla: I produce world music and J she grew up on an island so she was able to really deliver on the records like nobody else. So this is what we’re doing right now. We have a lot of music together, Trap records we have a lot of stuff, but this is the stuff we have a lot more fun with because it’s natural. You can do whatever, it just flows better.

“Woke Up In Kingston” and “Tears” have two completely different vibes. What was the creative process like when making those records?

J. Lauryn: Well “Woke Up In Kingston” was one of the first songs I wrote. He sent me 20 tracks and I pulled that one up. That song came from I trip I took in Kingston and I stayed in Beverly Hills, Kingston and Stony Hill, Kingston. I’m like these are really dope names for these cities in Kingston. And I used those cities in the name of the song but then I took a personal experience outside of that and fused it in and meshed this idea of it. “Tears”, there was no intention like I’m going to write.

Being that you guys have worked together for 2 years what have you learned from each other?

J. Lauryn: A lot. We talk every day, we treat it like a business. We bounce ideas, talk about our goals and dreams and what we want to do. I think our workflow goes very well it’s effortless That has been really refreshing because when you work with someone, you have to deal with there schedule, who they are, their life and whatever they’re dealing with, but where we are in our lives we are really able to focus on the band.

You guys are managed by Dre London who also manages Post Malone. How did that come about?

J.Lauryn: Through Track actually

Trackdilla: I met Dre at Drake’s house. I was about to quit the music at the time. I just got tired of the bs in the music business. I was just talking to Dre, I didn’t know who he was until after. We exchanged numbers I hit him up, played him some music, there was this one record that he loved he grabbed it for his artist. The song came out, he signed me, after that, I had the conversation with J and I told him that he has to lock down J and we made it happen. It’s a family, were very close and everything is effortless.

The visual for “Woke Up In Kingston” is very cinematic can we expect that from you other visuals?

Trackdilla: Definitely for all of our music videos. We both have the same vision all the time. Every time we talk about the music video we say the same ideas. It’s very natural. We like the cinematic thing because we love music videos so we want to make sure you really enjoy the video and want to watch it again.

J. Lauryn: We are movie lovers too, who doesn’t love a good movie. One of my favorite videos is by The Weeknd “Alarm” and there this one-shot it’s crazy so movie esqe. I love those badass movies. That’s why woke up in Kingston we were like let’s play the role of these robbers. Music videos are like a mini short film you can do whatever you want but for “Tears” we were like let’s stay on the topic of what’s really being said.

Trackdilla: You’re really going to enjoy “Tears.” It’s a really really dope video. A friend of mine Hector Felix did the video. I met him a long time ago he was driving an Uber, he told me he did videos, I meet a lot of people like that. We exchanged numbers and he shot my very first video as an artist. He did it for 2g’s and it looked like a 5-6 thousand dollar video. I told him when things get right I’m going to come back to you and he delivers time and time again.

Let’s talk about the upcoming project. Is it going to be a full length or an EP and what can you tell me about it?

Trackdilla: So “Tears” is out then we have another single dropping at the end of May called “Pull It” we have a feature on it which is a surprise and we have the EP coming out in July and we already started working on the album. A lot of music on the way!