J.Lo’s Grammy Versace Dress Inspires Google Images

We have seen Jennifer Lopez rock almost anything she wears, but after J.Lo wore her statement-making Versace dress for the 42nd annual Grammy Awards in 2000, it became one of her most popular fashion looks. Her looks was so inspiring that it became a major part of the birth of Google Images. Backtracking to preparing for the moment, J.Lo mentioned that her and her wardrobe stylist rushed to find looks for her the night before and only had 2 dress options. Her stylist was opposed to the green dress because it was seen on more than enough people. It was until she tried on the Versace dress that her manager said: “Thats it. you’re wearing that dress”. So many people looked for the dress that nothing came up–hence the creation of Google Images.

“It goes to show you the power of fashion…one dress can change the trajectory of what people will wear”.


Written by: Brian Lamont