Atlanta based artist J. Reu  releases brand new single “Do It,” a track which he wrote and produced it all on his own. The young artist recently decided to re invented his sound, using this track as a starting point to this transition. Which he plans to continue on a his upcoming project.

When asked he mentioned he wanted to release a single that was relatable to his fans, a romantic song  inspired by being away from the one you love .

He recently shot the steamy visual set to  release early next month.

Lucky For Us Rap Fest Correspondent Qualhata was able to briefly interview the rising artist in regards to the single below 


Your song “Do It” is this a single off an upcoming Ep or album?

Yes I’m dropping a full length album I’m currently down to two names! I’ll get back to you on the name! It’s lit just know that!

Would you consider yourself strictly an R&B artist or partially a rapper as well?

no I’m ambidextrous, I sing, rap, produce, write, act, I’m a director! You name it I’ve done it and I will keep doing it!

How do you feel about the current state of R&B in 2018?

I love where R&B is, it’s underestimated, it’s a lot of auto tune out here, it’s real singers out here I’m not putting myself in that category but I chose not to use auto tune for a reason! This is bigger than me or music! Talent can’t be categorized and I’m living proof of that!

How are you planning to contribute to revive the state of R&B and making it popular as it use to be?

it maybe a wrap for R&B as a form of mainstream music as far as comebacks but I feel we all can keep it alive by paying attention & keep it alive by listening and creating! I love R&B music! I feel R&B has merged with hip hop at this point it’s so many tunes that are more hip hop than R&B but it has evolved into what we hear today!