Producers don’t always get the credit they deserve, crafting beats and delivering great collaborations. JabariOnTheBeat is an emerging producer coming fresh out off Brooklyn, New York. He’s worked with several notable artists and fellow producers, creating unique and emotion-filled sounds. “The primary thing that sets me apart is definitely that I don’t primarily produce trap music,” the 20-year-old states.

Today, I sat down with Jabari to talk about going from a viral YouTube producer to landing placements with Mozzy, Snoop Dogg, and several other artists. Check out the interview below.

What inspires you creatively to produce music and unique sounds?

A lot of people ask me this question given my work on YouTube, and I love answering it. Honestly, I’ve been through a lot. Everything I’ve been through that I can’t quite put into words, makes it into my music production. For my style specifically, I don’t follow rules, I go by what I like. I try to match sounds with the exact feelings from the moments I’m trying to convey. Tropical Toms for a hazy feeling when someone tells you something and it takes a few days for it to really hit you. Wooden snares for simple straight forward emotions like sadness in break ups, or disappointments. I believe that ability to move the experiences straight into my beats alone catches a lot of people’s attention. You can feel it before you really hear it with my work.

Is there any sound bubbling in the New York area or artists you foresee blowing up?

Well I would say drill, but that shit took off and blew up way beyond what I expected. Besides the NY artist up right now like Pop Smoke, Lil Tecca, Lil Tjay and etc, I believe people should watch out for J.I, Smoove L, Suavve Porter, and a group of artists and songwriters called Winnin.Wav.

Talk to me about working with Mozzy on “I’ll Never Tell ‘Em Shit.”

This song was my first ever placement. It was so odd to be from the East Coast, but have my first ever placement be on the West Coast. Mozzy is a big name in the West Coast, but I’m an East Coast head and our big name artists are almost always different from West Coast big name artists.

I took a week long trip to LA, just to get my feet in the water and start getting my face in front of people. But, prior to the trip Mozzy’s manager, Dave-O, hit me up and was the coolest guy ever. He took an interest in a bunch of my beats, got them to Mozzy, and here we are 5.1 million views later. I’m super happy my first placement was a record with such substance. The numbers it did accurately reflect how good of a song it is. I’m forever grateful to Mozzy and Dave O for being the first two in the industry to mess with my work, get me my first major placement, and treat me like family. Much more work with Mozzy on the way as well.

Is there any records that you produced that you’re most proud of?

That’s a tough one. But, it would have to be between my current record with J.I or my unreleased record with Snoop Dogg. Both records showed me that I have what it takes to make it in the industry. Snoop Dogg ended up picking my beat completely by chance. In fact, I was told He had over 16- 32 beats to pick from and he was only picking one. Out of the two I sent, he picked mine. Still don’t know why, or how, but I’m forever grateful for it. My J.I record showed me I can work with popping artist in NY and make good music. I didn’t believe I had any current NY artist sound until that record. It’s doing great too.

Looking a few years into the future, where would you ideally place yourself?

Big question, but in a few years, I would place myself as a solidified industry producer without a doubt. I hope to be signed to a camp that embodies my sound, but the indie route has always taken a liking to me. I do see myself comfortable though. Years and years of feeling on edge, and asking myself what the next step might be. Those feelings are definitely gone in a few years. Plan on living in LA, ATL, or MIA.

Are there any artists or producers that you want to collaborate with in the future?

This doesn’t come as a shock to many but Drake, 40, and Boi-1da are at the top of my list for collaborations. Then Jay Z and Kanye West. Right under them is Roddy Rich, Calboy,Polo G, Wale, Lil Tecca, Future, A Boogie, DaBaby, Baby Keem, and Stunna 4 Vegas. I would love to work with Nick Mira and Wheezy. I also have a super strong urge to work with virtually the Contemporary R&B acts like Summer Walker, H.E.R, Bryson Tiller, Ryan Trey, Kaash Paige, Miguel, Jhene Aiko, and more.

What sets you apart from other producers?

The primary thing that sets me apart is definitely that I don’t primarily produce trap music. I make something that’s kinda hard to categorize, and I’m just damn good at it. I can produce trap and I do, but that was never my main focus when I first started producing. My strengths shine in my moody instrumentals. You can classify it as Hip-Hop I guess, but I kinda made a sound of my own and just build on it. I honestly don’t know how to classify myself, but it works.

Major names in the industry like something in it, so I’m doing something right. While I do envy my counterparts that got the trap sound on lock, and are nabbing placements with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, I know my time will come. I want to make timeless records. I want to make records that got me into producing. I feel like the trap side of me will show when its time, but for now I’ll enjoy my unique instrumentals and continue to grow and develop that sound, and hope for the best.

Tell me about landing a placement with artists like Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy.

It’s still unreal. Both situations were a matter of luck and timing. I’m glad I got them on my placement lists early. I may not have the biggest records with them, but they’re on my track record. I’m just grateful to be working with people all over the spectrum. Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy early on just showed me that the skys the limit. Soulja Boy just happened to hop on the record last minute (Bling Blaow), and Snoop just happened to pick my beat out of the many he had available. I got super lucky, and all I can do is be appreciative and not take it for granted. I get reminded that people would kill for some of my placements in a heartbeat.

Regardless, I’m still new to the game and I have a lot more on the way. I’m building myself some steps to get to the front door. Happy that I can do what I love for a living.