R&B doesn’t get the respect it deserves anymore. The youth really doesn’t accepted it unless it’s on a trap beat. Soul R&B ran the 90’s and early 2000’s. One thing for sure R&B is still alive. Actually it’s a lot of dope R&B acts that’s on the rise. Creating a lane for indie artist to create a way to masses. Females are the main consumers when it comes to entertainment. You can’t forget about the ladies.

Orlando, FL is starting to gain attention. So many artist are coming out of Florida. It’s almost like the new Atlanta far as so many artist coming out at one time. Again, the ladies need to be entertained. I thing I may just ran across Jack Juan and he may just take your lady. He has a smooth sound that could rockĀ  your lady to sleep. He’s creating vibes and singing circles around the ladies. He’s ready to show the world he has what it takes. He has that soul R&B sound that will leave you in a deep thought.

Jack Juan latest release ” Parallel Lines” is about doing what feels right. Vibing with a special lady and seeing eye to eye. It’s nothing like clicking with someone and everything just goes with a flow. He’s kicking some fly shit in this one. He’s side to side spitting game to the ladies. You can feel the passion in his voice with this one. The lyrics and everything just feel like a true vibe. This could be a soundtrack to one serious nightcap. Jack Juan is sounding like a new age Keith Sweat. If he can keep up with staying consistent and connecting with different online influencers. He has potential to grow a solid female audience. Whatever the ladies love the fellas like. Don’t get on the band wagon to late. Jack Juan is on the rise. He’s ready to step up to the plate.