Wah gwan Rapfest?!?

So, in light of Pac’s birthday today, again we want to wish him a happy happy birthday.  May his spirit live on in Hip Hop and with those who knew and loved him to the moon and back.

But in other news though, with his biopic All Eyez On Me officially out today, his former boo Jada Pinkett Smith took to Twitter to make quite the proclamation just moments ago.

Check the receipts below, start from the bottom and work your way back up.

This is rather baffling.  Well, maybe not so much.  We are all about use to movie directors adding more than one or two flukes of their own to real life story remakes.  Jada was not having it though, she came right back with her outtakes.

I wonder if Will put her up to it LOL.

Ah well, as a close someone who actually knew ‘Pac dearly, she has the right to speak her piece.  It’s fine time directors find other ways to bring a true story to life without over finessing the lines.  And even with all that, it’s easy to say that she bashed them, but our take is that she was pretty gentle with her commentary, still bigging up the actors who held down the roles.  Decent.

What do you think though?