Written By: Brian Lamont

If you are a fan of Rick Ross, Kelly Rowland, Tyrese then you are looking at the face behind the songwriting of some of their hit songs – Jane Handcock. From Oakland, California, Jane has been an artist since age 3. Her mom had her in classes involving around arts, theater, and music at Oakland School of the Arts, which led her to begin being trained in all genres of music. With a determined and resilient mindset mixed with a groovy and classic style, she moved to Atlanta for 4 years to learn more of the industry and build confidence. After trial and error, she relocated back to California recharged and ready to deliver.

Jane released “Where is Jane? Series 2” and each song is a document of her life.

She says:

“We consistently change and I want you to get a glimpse into my personal life. It is a mixture of rap, R&B, Electric with hood.”

 It is a collection of 8 songs:

  1. Introduction
  2. All of Me
  3. Dramatic
  4. Can’t Pretend
  5. Set me Free
  6. My N*GGA
  7. Benicia Rd
  8. Yaya (Outroduction)

Though music is her life, Jane still enjoys going to theme parks, listening to music, being around water, and laughing consistently. She knows when to clock-in and clock-out of music and enjoy life.

Lessons Jane says are:

“Always be a student and no matter how big you get, don’t forget to be a learner. Also, practice self-care because it will enhance your career tremendously. Be aware and acknowledge your wrongs

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