The music industry is not an easy industry. It takes trial and era to become great. What you may start may not get finished. It’s just part of being a creative. Some start out in groups and go solo. And some start as artist then work behind the scene. Overall it’s about being a boss and an entrepreneur. Creating a way to live and provide for your family. With the music industry always changing daily, it’s good to be ahead of the curve. With saying that I wanted to introduce Jaquan Grand. He was once in a group and he went under another name. He built his network up and learned from his mistakes. Now it’s his time to boss up and show others the way. His artist Zaely is just that. Jaquan is an artist himself but he has created his own label. He can now sign talent and develop it. Which is not easy but it’s the best way t approach the game. Jaquan is focused and ready to show the world he has what it takes. He has no plans to slow down and the build up is here. He helped Zaely drop her last video for her song “Gimme Your Love”.

Now it’s Jaquan Grand turn to step up to the plate. Before you hit play understand he’s about creating good vibes. It’s just not about trap it’s about making music for everyone. His latest release for his video called “FeelZ” is just that. The song features Zaely and these two are vibing out hard in this one. The record has a nice hip hop pop vibe going on. With these two hitting the beach for some summertime fun. May make you want to hit the beach and kick it for a few. These two together created a positive aura that comes off natural. Doesn’t seem forced one bit. These two seem very comfortable around each other. Is love floating in the air? Jaquan Grand is trying to hit charts with this one. Shows how dope of a songwriter he can be. These two on the hook give you that Ja Rule and Ashanti early 2000’s feelz. Check it out below for yourself.