If you are still unfamiliar with Jay Diener allow us to properly introduce you. Today we got a chance to sit down with the Randolph, New Jersey bred artist and discuss life, origins, his latest single and more. The promising New Jersey artist hit the scene a few weeks ago with “Full Circle”, a single that seems to be picking up speed across platforms. With the New Jersey music scene wide open, now is the time to flood for any artist and Jay Diener is set out to do so all summer. Rapping most of his life, Jay Diener has dabbled around with music for most of his life. It’s rare you see an artist that just wants to keep it authentic on every record but Jay Diener is here for that, creating a versatile and unique sound of his own. Take a moment to check out our interview with Jay below and dive a bit deeper into his life.

Where did the name come from?

My legal name is Jason Diener and with the name Jason one of my many nicknames became Jay Diener.
It just flowed off the tongue well and I ran with it. However, I can’t just leave this section without more of a background story, gotta keep it spicy!

My name didn’t come about without a million other nicknames and rap aliases. My first artist name ever was J-Dizzle (lol) coined by my friends after a freestyle that started everything; After that it was shortened to Dizzle. It stuck that way for a while (to this day some of my closest friends still call me Dizzle) until the next name came about “Papa D”. To be honest the origin of this name is a blur, but definitely something that came to fruitation when my friends and I were blazed up. (again to this day some of my closest friends still let that one ring off) After this my name evolved to JDiener given to me by a pop reggae legend and mentor King Charlton. That name got confusing so it landed on Jay Diener and that’s where we stand today. By the way it’s pronounced “Dee-ner” not “Die-ner”. It gets butchered all the time, but my goal is to get so well known people will correct it for me. (lol)

You live in New Jersey, what parts? What was it like growing up?

Right now I’m living in West New York, NJ. (crazy name, I know) It’s a dope area with a view of the city skyline. I also lived in Weehawken, NJ and Hoboken, NJ which are all literally 5 minutes or less from each other. Growing up I lived in Randolph, NJ. It was a great place to be raised because there was always a diverse group of people and everyone got along for the most part. I was fortunate to have some really amazing parents as well. My dad is big into music and was always playing me a wide range of artists anywhere from James Brownto Bob Marley from Public Enemy to the Spin Doctors and from Carl Cox to Guns N’ Roses. (to name a few) My mom (may she rest in peace) was always playing Barry White, Luther Vandross, Kenny G & Celine Dion. (lol) All the music going on definitely rubbed off on me. The town itself had some crazy scandals though with a big multi-town drug bust, male teacher sex offenders with female students, a kid killing his own father and even a crazy murder to a girl committed by someone I used to play basketball with. By the way, one of those male teachers failed me for plagiarism literally a month before he was aired out so f**k that guy.

North or South Jersey?

You know it has to be North Jersey! That’s my stomping grounds!

When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

This is a great question!

As mentioned before I was always immersed in music from day one. Also, I excelled in writing classes; It just came naturally for whatever reason. (poetry, etc.) But there were actually two occasions where I knew I wanted to pursue music:The first was when I was 11 at day camp and this counselor picked up a guitar and I started singing to it; But I was making up the words as I went along which were comical. He then introduced me to some older kids who had a band and said I needed to work with them. That lasted a short minute, but it was a great experience. The second time was when I was 14 years old and my friend told me I should freestyle to a beat. We all were in shock that it was actually (at least we thought at the time) good. That was the spark that set it all off!

Your debut single on Spotify is now over 10K and rising, how does that feel?

It’s a cool milestone especially because “Full Circle” is my first multi-platform distributed track.
Spotify also put me on two of their official playlists just recently which has always been one of my goals.
Keep in mind that as of today I’ve only been on Spotify (and all other platforms minus SoundCloud) for 22 days.

Either way though there is much more work to be done and many more goals to complete!

Plans for 2019?

Right now the next immediate plan is to drop the music video for “Full Circle”.
After that be on the look out for some shows. (June 28th at SOBs in NYC is one already locked in, mark it down!)

There is a ton of new music in the oven! The next single will be here before you know it.

If you could describe your sound in a few words what would you say?

Catchy with lyrics that are interpreted in a million ways.

Any musical influences growing up?

So many, and from all different eras because I was just raised that way. To name some key artists though I’d say Cam’Ron, Kanye, Akon, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Oasis and John Denver.

What are you looking to get across in your music?

My goal is to write music that everyone interprets in their own way without ever being too obvious in the subject matter. I hope the songs I make will ultimately help others in some way shape or form. That can be anywhere from a deep and profound level to just simply needing something to listen to that helps them escape reality and/or have fun.

Favorite NJ artist of all time?

So many greats, but if I’m picking one it’s got to be Akon. (Wyclef Jean is up there as well!)

If you could work with one artist who would it be?

Wowww another good question.
I’d have to say Wiz Khalifa if I’m only getting to pick one, but Drake would be up there also.

More music on the way?

Definitely! (refer to Plans for 2019)
There is a lot of unreleased music and I’m excited to share it!
Stay tuned…

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