Harlem emcee Jay Pres has been on a mission since the release of Jay Pres For Prezident back in March. The Chase N. Cashe-assisted “Chasin’ Chicken” still gets heavy video play months after the release.

To keep the ball rolling, Prezi recently released the visual for one of his standout singles, “Trap Everyday,” directed by Spike Tarantino.

Prezi doesn’t necessarily mean the infamous “trap” when he says he’s in the trap everyday. He said whatever it is you’re doing to better your situation, you’re in it everyday.

He recently chopped it up with The Rapfest about the video. He said, “The fact that everybody I know, whether they’re in the trap for real or in the studio, [your] job or grinding in the gym to get to the league, whatever; they’re on it everyday, and if you’re not, you should be.

The video is FIRE; it’s so fire that he premiered the video at Jay Z’s heralded 40/40 Club. That’s big for any artist.

Prezi  praised, “To see people engaged and excited to watch the video was dope. The aura was right and everybody was showing love.”

When you watch the video, it gives you a very cinematic feel, thanks to Spike Tarantino. Prezi says that this video is supposed to be the beginning of a web series that he’s going start so we definitely have to stay tuned for that.

Prezi is the self-proclaimed “President of Harlem.” With the atrocity that is taking place in the Oval Office, he wouldn’t mind making Jay Pres For Prezident a real thing. Prezi explained that if he was president, the first thing he would change is how police were supervised.

Prezi said, “I would police police if that makes sense. I feel like the problem with the law is that most people who become cops were bullied and/or unpopular, so they become cops to kind of try and fix those problems instead of becoming a cop to protect and serve like they’re suppose to.

Now that “Trap Everyday” is out, Prezi is focusing on his next project, John-John. He says that its 100% him, and it’s going to be different from anything he’s put out before or anything out now.

“I feel like as artist, we get caught up into what’s popping now instead of just being ourselves through the music. With John-John, the production has leveled up [with] a lot of live instrumentation. When people hear it, it draws a lot of comparisons to Rick Ross & Reasonable Doubt, so I’m definitely excited about this project.

It looks like the time is definitely now for Jay Pres.

Check out “Trap Everyday” below, and make sure you stay tuned for John-John, dropping soon.