Written by: @_issajasthing

HOV! This has been a monumental moment for the hip-hop star! Forbes has released that Jay-Z is the first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire. His individual net worth accumulates up to $1 billion, and he’s the first musician to do so. His empire is built through multiple streams of income that varies from liquor brands: D’Usse and Armand de Brignac, streaming platform, Tidal, his record label, music catalogs, investments, art collection and real estate.


Jay-Z’s cash and investments come to a total of $220 million; his stake in liquor brands D’Ussé and Armand de Brignac totals $410 million; his music streaming platform, Tidal, tallies at $100 million; Roc Nation follows with $75 million; his music catalog rakes in $75 million; his art collection,$70 million, and finally, his real estate investments totals $50 million.


Jay-Z told the late great Biggie that he will become rich before he dies, and that is exactly what he did plus more. We can name him as one of the most successful black men in our generation two decades strong and still going. You can’t determine what your dreams are by the age but how hard you work to get that opportunity. Over the years, Jay-Z gave us the keys to the blueprint in order for us to be successful entrepreneurs.