Yo, Hov proved himself almighty.  Not sure if you peeped it, but we did.

Throwing co-signs left and right over his Twitter yesterday evening, shouting out many of the culture who have inspired him.  A thank-you to his peers, for whether friends or foe, I’m sure he shares mutual respect, a love beyond reproach. There were so many, you might have missed some, but rest assure, your favorite rapper was on the list as he didn’t miss one.  Yes, Beyonce’s hubby was so in the spirit, he had to be; he hadn’t posted to his Twitter prior to this since March, so you already know.  How gracious he clearly was feeling, he had to assure us that he wasn’t drunk lol.

Check the receipts.

Pac – Happy Birthday & RIP, BIG, Nas, Kendrick, Chance…

Lox, Mos Def, Foxy Brown, Quavo, Future, too many is for sure.

I’m trying to see who was actually missing.  Hov is very particular, like we know him personally.  But a man like that, he has to be.  The mogul went down the list, excluding periods and all.  He had no time for it, he clearly couldn’t fit all the names within the Twitter character number amount.  With a history as long as his, you could imagine his favorite rappers list would have grown, from the old to the new, legendary to baby-legendary, they were on there too.

Ghostface Killah, Busta Rhymes, Naughty By Nature…

I feel like he is getting ready to unleash a song or something.  Or maybe, just trying to put us on.  Ah, the shade towards those who got left off.  Or maybe he was trying to tell us something, a metaphorical note; letting all those absentee emcees know, “Sorry beloved, but you are not the GOAT.”

Wayne, 50, Lil Kim, the list goes on…



It’s important to show love and give credit where credit is due, so big ups to Jay Z for using his platform in such a way.  Reminding folks who don’t know, or those who have forgotten some of these names.  The road that Hip Hop has paved.  Saving souls from disaster, whether you are aspiring or just a huge fan of the culture, Hip Hop provided and provides a focus, an aim.  For a kid who can put words together ever so cleverly living in the hood, or an entitled boy from the ‘burbs who can’t do school but is English is just too good.

Today, it’s easy to come across an individual who may not even have a clue who some of these cats are, but then call themselves fans of Hip Hop – aye boys and girls, learn some lessons, it will take you far.  I wouldn’t say he was drunk, but maybe Bey was out and he decided to go through his catalog of albums locked in the vault, laid them all out on the marble floors one by one; maybe even shed a tear as he recalled where he was the first time he discovered Kurupt, Rakim, Tupac, BIG, or KRS-One.

How we thank the Bronx gods for using their genius when creating Hip Hop.  The pacemaker for every living genre today.  Where would music be without it?  You really have to question.  I mean, think about it.  While there was a time where Hip Hop was shunned, frowned upon and disapproved of by radio exec’s.  And R&B was the mellow yellow, a warm cup of tea; today, an R&B album gets no light without at least one collab featuring one of these acts.

Ever-evolving, Hip Hop has transcended from our music to “OUR” music, if you get what I’m saying.  Debates of it no longer belonging to the culture still churn attitudes without digression, but when considering the unity it has been able to assemble among the different classes and races, it proves the least alienating.  Across all genres, Hip Hop, although not the most highly sold of the bunch, it produces the most artistic and elevated of sounds, styles and gains the most attention in a crowd.

Put a Hip Hop track to a Rock song, you get procreation.  Hov just might have started something, got me rhyming something, he is not low.  A true leader builds his people up, gives them strength in the midst of desolation.  A bad day turns into a not so bad day.  You look back and remember when… Hip Hop, originally meant to inspire the community with its boom-bap sounds, fabricating a devastating edifice; teaching those who are lost to aspire for the find.  Hip Hop, a most magnificent kind.

So where would we be today without it, I ask.  Jay seems pretty sure, without really saying it.  Some place pretty dull, bland and color-less.  Hip Hop, a bold statement, “black people really magic,” he says.  We exclaim that affidavit.