As many of you may have read from us earlier this week, or possibly seen for yourself via Apple Music news that the legendary Jay Z removed his catalog from the site completely leaving only tracks he was featured on.

As many fans are aware this kind of behavior was displayed before in 2015. specifically when the music mogul decided to take off his classic 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt from all competing sites to his music site Tidal. However, yesterday rumors swirled about what really sparked this sudden split from both Spotify and Apple Music seeing as though Tidal seems to be doing well, locking in an exclusive content deal with sprint.

Though last night fans noticed that all of Jay Z music was back on Apple music, but not Spotify, this may have something to do with the fact that Spotify recently signed a major deal with Universal, without Jay’s knowledge.  Seeing as though Roc-A-Fella label is part of the Universal Music Group family, apparently aspects of the deal were not approved by Mr. Carter himself.
Keep close as this story develops.

Jocelyn Rivera