It’s been a long road for JD Daigotti. This has not been an overnight situation for JD. Him and his team has been putting in work. Making sure they plan each rollout for JD to build a brand. Much time and money has went into JD Daigotti campaign. Right now it’s all gas and no breaks. JD doesn’t seem like he will be letting up anytime soon. With Alabama music scene starting to pick up. JD is making sure he makes a name for himself in his city of Mobile. This is not to be taken as a joke or a gimmick. This guy is putting his life into his raps and sticking to the script. Nothing is rushed and time is put into each release. With each release JD is dropping videos. So far blogs are showing JD Daigotti the love he deserves. Lately Spotify has picked up a presence for JD and his Youtube is steady growing. JD is known for making music that influenced by what he is living. This time around he flips it a little.

JD Daigotti latest record “Juice Juice” is about enjoying life. Living it up and just having that one fun club night. The production stands out as well, it’s not so serious. It’s something that any local club DJ would want to fit into the set. So far the record is getting good coverage and a video is in the works. JD Daigotti is claiming to love all colors of females. But he’s not scared to say he’s a dog. Right now he’s on savage mode according to the record. JD didn’t hold back a little on the record. Strippers may love to hear this played while they dance. The bass I knocking and it’s something to get the party started. You don’t want to be on the dance floor without a cup in your hand to this one. Check it out below and show JD Daigotti some love.