JD Daigotti has studied the game for a while. Not to many artist open to sitting back watching. But you must study the game to know what you are getting involved in. JD Daigotti is all about quality and it’s not quantity. He releases content but at a steady pace for his following. JD creates video treatments that feel like music. It’s so many artist out so it’s important that your videos match your songs. Labels look to see if an artist has a vision. When you watch JD Daigotti videos you feel like you are watching a movie. So far JD brand development is in full force. Him and his management team is doing a great job with the releases.

Alabama Rapper JD Daigotti newest release is his video called “Turn To The Drugs”. The title is super strong and stands out alone. JD Daigotti is smoking big blunts and spitting game to a female in the tub. Great props like the yellow smoke bomb in the video stood out. JD talks about the pain and shows these woman,music, and drugs can become a vice. The video for “Turn To The Drugs” speaks to you in volumes. Very entertaining to watch.