Back in 2005, legend has it that the snowman dropped a classic album “Lets Get It: Thug Motivation 101.” The went by the name of Young Jeezy. He was head of his time; his work has for the most part been held in high regards as quality work Jeezy usually hits the marks. While “TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman” doesn’t hit the mark, it’s till solid. To end his very successful career with Def Jam, he could’ve did better but in the same note, at least it wasn’t worse. (It’s his last album with Def Jam, not his career.)

Similar to Marc Gasol currently with the Toronto Raptors, while not the all pro emcee he once was, he shows he still can get the job done. Also, with his new relationship with Brenda Song, he shows a new level maturity. Features with Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Ball Greezy, Queen Naija, John Legend,  Ty Dolla $ign, and more show openness to different sounds. While Jeezy has made quality melodic music with artists such as Akon and Neyo, this projects makes it feel more “mature.” The TM series by Jeezy pioneered the trap sound, with his ability to relate to listeners by being a authentic hood native over gritty beats. It’s good to see Jeezy maintain the album series for so long and well. His purpose for it was powerful.

“The TM series represents adversity and represents the struggle, overcoming obstacles,” Jeezy told Billboard. “It represents evolution. If you look at it, it’s sturdy steps of evolution, like watching somebody grow and bigger and wiser and better.”

The TM Breakdown

While the 18-track effort doesn’t contain the same fire as his earlier records, the formula is still polished.  The charisma and passion, clever “Jeezy-isms,” that hyped listeners for “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101″ is still present. However, it just doesn’t “hit” you as hard as past TM projects do. Tracks like “The enTRAPrenuer,” “MLK BLVD” ft. Meek Mill, and “All Night’ Ft. Gunna still show “grit.” However, he’s more reflective and wise of his knowledge, similar to how Ross and the late Nipsey are/were. Songs like “Already Rich” Ft. CeeLo Green, “4play “ft Ty Dolla $ign, and “Fake Love” ft. Queen Naija sound more like tracks intended for profit. While, they’re good songs, it doesn’t have the same dirty south feel we came to love from the artist. The last song “The Real MVP” ft. John Legend was easily the best on the album. It was a heartfelt tribute to his mom in which all listeners can relate. That side of Jeezy is good to see!

That street n*gga touchin’ them millions, buyin’ them buildings (Buildings). / N*gga sellin’ water, tequila (Avión, nigga), might touch some billions (D*mn). America, they label us dealers, that’s the allure (Allure). / But the hood, yeah, they label us heroes, entrepreneurs (Yeah). – Jeezy – The EnTRAPrenuer.

Final Take

TM104 could be a stronger send-off for Jeezy if got deeper about his entrepreneurial spirit and the blueprint he created for Atlanta rap. However, the album that clearly shows he’s moving on from his decades-long hustle of music to focus on his many business moves; Figgers Wireless, Defiance Fuel, real estate, Avión Tequila, and Agency 99 are lucrative bags for an entrepreneur. You got to respect that hustle for sure. However, that material for day one fans looking for Jeezy who won “trapper of the year, four times in a row” is not as present. Still the project is solid overall.

Overall 7/10

  • Solid formula repeated from past projects
  • Good features and production
  • Still moments of old gritty bliss from Jeezy’s past
  • Good moments showcasing maturity

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