“It was one of those things where our teams had differences, not necessarily me and him.”

Last December, Jeremih had a very strange experience touring with PartyNextDoor. Following tension with his touring partner, the singer stormed off stage in Chicago, and was rumored to have used an impostor at a show in Houston. Soon after, he would diss Party on stage in Dallas and was eventually dropped from the tour.After much speculation over what went down, Jeremih has finally addressed the bizarre series of events in an interview with Complex. According to Jeremih, it was due partially to “differences” between he and Party’s teams. According to ‘Mih, he and the Toronto singer have “no issues,” or at least he doesn’t think “it’d be too much of any beef” if they ran into one another. He also cited his touring inexperience as part of the problem.

Read his response below.

Yeah. I don’t have no issues with Party. That was my first tour, besides the J. Cole tour, that I had been on. There’s a lot that I had to learn. And it was one of those things where our teams had differences, not necessarily me and him. Ain’t nothing against me or Party right now. If I bumped into him right now, I don’t think it’d be too much of any beef. It’s just kind of one of those situations where, you know, there’s a lot of— show by show, it was starting to be a lot of differences that I started to notice, and I just couldn’t take that anymore.

Jeremih also answered a question regarding whether he’d actually used a body double at the Houston show. After an interjection from Mih’s publicist and a pause, the singer offered, “I was there in Houston, just to answer that question.”

Not exactly the clearest answer, but perhaps the best one we’ll get. The interview also finds Jeremih speaking about his upcoming album Later That Night, which he hopes to release later this year. You can read the full conversation over at Complex.

Listen to Jeremih’s new single, “I Think Of You,” with Chris Brown and Big Sean.

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