Spiraling out of Jersey, photographer and music video director Nilladriz is making a name for himself. The 19-year-old has worked with high-profile artists like Fetty Wap and Young Dolph, but his path doesn’t stop there. The up and coming content creator began locally before working for international artist Reggie Mills. Stepping foot into the music industry helped Nilladriz develop a passion to work and network with other artists. With only a bit over the year in the industry, Nilla has grown rapidly. He takes on a similar route of Cole Bennett or Drew Filmz, but gracefully sets himself apart from competitors. Check out our conversation below.

Growing up, what were some of your early influences?

My biggest influence growing up was my mother. She’s one of the most selfless and hardest workers I know. She instilled in me the values that I think made me stand out in an industry full of superficial people.

You’ve worked with Famous Dex, Smokepurpp, and so on; which artist was your favorite to work with?

Every artist I’ve ever worked with is so unique and enjoyable. But the most fun I had was when I shot sessions with Famous Dex and Reggie Mills. The energy in the studio was unforgettable.

What are the conversations between you and the artist like?

It honestly depends. Some artists that I’ve worked with, our conversations are strictly business. But on the other hand, some artists I’ve worked with our relationship is greater than just work. If I need advice, guidance or even if it’s just because we haven’t seen each other in a while we’ll hit each other up. 

Do you ever get to input your own creative efforts when doing things like this?

In the beginning not as much but as I developed as a director and editor, my vision for projects became more respected. With a solid portfolio of work comes trust. 

As far as Jersey, who are some up and coming talents from your hometown?

Keep an eye out for Plu Heph, Sai Sen, and Lil Karma. Don’t be surprised if in the next year you see them on a festival line up.

What’s next for you?

Expect bigger budget music videos as well as a few short films written and directed by me.