The Colombian-Canadian songstress Jessie Reyez teams up with East-Atlanta’s very own 6lack for a soothing serenade about the dangers associated with a love overdose.  

This track is nothing short of a dialogue amongst damaged souls, serving as a reminder of what it means to grow through pain.  

As referenced in the chorus, “You…you’re in love with somebody else/Maybe I could offer some help/Get over them by getting under me/But you might OD if you get too much of me”, love is an addiction.

6lack would be the ideal prototype to convey the embodied message for this song. Offering up an unapologetic, nonchalant bravado of which requires a counterpart that’s understanding of his moral uprightness…on Sunday’s.  

Jessie shot back with the telling of a troubled past that signifies at an experienced emotional torment, while simultaneously shedding light on the concept of a crippling affliction of the heart and what remedies should follow in order to ease the pain.  

After coming off a solid EP with her Being Human In Public project, Jessie continuously personifies her nimble yet suggestive demeanor that poses a duality with regard to understanding emotional appeal. This track is a uniform representation of a learned behavior deriving from trial and error. Virtually “faking it until you make it” and find the one your heart ultimately desires.  

Check out the video below.