Meet Latin artist, Jeypson. He recently debuted his new project, Go100. We spoke with Jeypson briefly to learn more about him. He explained how he makes music with a variety of different sounds, because he feels like he can do it all. He conveys his music to new listeners with a lot of emotions, sounds, and colors, from R&B to reggae to Caribbean rhythms. You can hear more of those on his last two mixtapes, “Streaming tunes ” and ” Sentimientos Pasajeros.” One by one Jeypson is accomplishing the goals he set for himself. Currently, his new single, “Mensaje Universal” is being played at three radio stations in Medellin and Colombia. He recently performed at a showcase in London and Switzerland to gain more exposure and interact with his new supporters. Jeypson often uses the English language in his songs to differentiate himself from other latin artists. He feels as though you can catch another vibe from doing so. After receiving such positive feedback about his recent music, Jeypson easily found his niche. He also discussed how he does not focus on creating party records but he understands why it is important to make them and how social media is beyond beneficial to his career. Social media allows him to freely promote his new project and engage with other independent artist and creatives.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: I don’t think that I make trap music , I just make music with a variety of different sound , I feel like I can do it all and it would be unjust to say that I only do trap music. You’ll hear it on my new mixtape, “Go100” , dropping this week.

Q: What is you biggest accomplishment so far?
A: I Have the single that’s getting played on 3 radios stations in Medellin , Colombia , right now , I did some showcase to promote the single in London and in Switzerland , now im trying to get the single some exposure in NY. So I’m coming there in March.
Q: How do you convey your music to new listeners?
A: So if you not familiar with my music , I invite you to listen to my two last mixtapes that I dropped ” Streaming tunes ” and ” Sentimientos Pasajeros “
where you ll find a lot of different emotions colors and sound , from rnb to reggaeton to carribean rhythm . I’m not focus on the parties records but you have to have them to have the djs playing your music in the clubs .
Q: What differentiates you from other independent artist?
A: What I would say that differentiate myself from the typical latin artist is that i use a lot of english in my songs so you get an other vibe , so you ll hear a different song that you used to get from a latin artist but to answer your question , I feel it’s important to you when you can only do that .
Q: How has social media been benefical for you?
A: Thanks to the internet , You can still know everything that’s going on in the culture see what’s getting played the most , what sound is fresh , I feel like it’s your homework to study the game and know what’s going on even if your live somewhere else.
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Written by: @Ayo_Sash