Atlanta keeps giving us dope artist. It just doesn’t stop to be honest. In the past 15 years or so. Atlanta hasn’t let the music industry down. Giving us lingo, style, and more. The culture is Atlanta and who wouldn’t agree to that. The thing about Atlanta, it’s spaced out and it’s just not about the city. It’s the outskirts the parts that many don’t mention. The Eastside of Atlanta had a huge run in the past. Thanks to Future and Gucci Mane. The Westside of Atlanta always had T.I. and Shawty Lo. The Northside of Atlanta you have K Camp and Migos. But now it’s the Southside turn yet again. Because I’ll be lying not to acknowledge the past. Waka Flocka put Riverdale on the map. But lately Waka has been giving back to the Southside unlike no other. Just peep Derez Deshon he used to run around with Waka in those Bricksquad days. Now Waka is consigning some of the coldest talent coming out of the Southside.

Latest cosign from Waka is College Park, Ga rapper Jimmy Rocket. He lives by his name and once you hear his music. You will understand the rocket part. He can rap and his flow is AK-47 rapid fire speed. Jimmy doesn’t let up and he sounds determined. His latest visual for his record “Extra” is one raw performance shot. He’s standing in a room, looks like inside a studio spot. The camera gazes to the left and you’ll see Waka Flocka posted on the wall. He’s talking his shit and hyping up the record. Once Jimmy Rocket let’s loose you’ll need to be prepared. His hood is behind him and the sticks are out in the video. Jimmy is looking like he’s ready to show the world he’s next! With labels watching Jimmy Rocket every move. 2019 is looking bright for him.