Halloween is not the only festivity to look forward to this month- Brian McKnight and Joe will be in concert too!

As many R&B fanatics know, Joe & Brian McKnight have gifted us many classics over the years. First, Joe delivered his Everything album in 1993. One of the singles from this debut project titled, “I’m in Luv”, reached the Number 10 spot on R&B charts. Then, he gave us the epic All That I Am album. Also, according to Thought Co., this album sold over a million copies in the U.S. alone. All of these accomplishments, followed Joe’s upbringing in church. He even directed the church choir! He has also received many other accolades of which you may or may not yet be aware. Ultimately, Joe is classic. On the same token, Brian McKnight is equally esteemed. McKnight has been nominated for 16 Grammy awards. Also, as shared on The Famous People, he has worked with Musicians that are also celebrated in their own right. Collaborations with Sean Combs, Nelly, and others have all contributed to McKnight’s overall success.  His single, “Never Felt This Way”, even sparked a version from Alicia Keys that any R&B fan can appreciate. On top of all this, Travis Scott even dropped an album seemingly influenced by McKnight. This album, titled, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, went platinum. Essentially, this concert is set to be glorious.

Check out the flyer for all the concert details:


Further, the duo will be performing new music as well as their classic hits.

Charlotte- need tickets for this concert this Friday? Look no further; get yours, here.