As you all have probably already heard, Joe Budden is out at Complex News.  His creation Everyday Struggle was a huge success in it’s first year and will continue without him.  However, that leaves Joe as a “Free Agent” in this Hip-Hop media market and it’s no secret that he is in high demand.

He walked away from Complex for a multitude of reasons.  The most apparent is what he preached on the show for the whole first year; Fairness and compensation for creators, and being independent, getting all the money you’re worth for the content that you curate.  He broke it down in-depth on his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast w/ Rory & Mal.

Now this leaves Joe in a very interesting position.  There’s no denying that he’s the hottest thing smoking in Hip-Hop media right now.  He was responsible for some of the biggest media moments of not only this year, but the past few years.  From Nicki and Meek tweeting about his comments on his podcast,

to his in-depth Drake Views review,

to his interview with Trife Gangsta (the older brother of the late Banga who was killed in the Troy Ave Irving Plaza shooting),

and even revealed that Chance the Rapper isn’t as independent as we all think.

More recently on Everyday Struggle, his interview with Lil Yachty,

and his beef with Migos’, arguably the biggest rap group in the world, really catapulted the show to prominence.  Not because of the conflict, but because very few are telling it like Joe is.  His opinion’s are direct, blunt, and honest in a field where it’s a lot of fluff and massaging political connections.  That’s clear as day, especially on the year end wrap up show he did with Charlamagne tha God for Revolt TV “This Year was Dope/Trash“.


So now, this puts Joe in a position of extreme power and leverage.  After the past couple years he’s had in media, he has the numbers and the impact to put himself in a favorable position.  He has multiple media moments with over a million views, his podcast has just recently hit a million listens on one episode, and he’s delivering content that is compelling to his listeners.

Joe has recently been in talks with many outlets such as Viceland and Revolt TV.  He’s been spending a lot of time in Florida recently with Diddy, so they might have a master plan up their sleeve for the year 2018.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.