With his highly-anticipated album, the ‘All-American Badass‘ releasing tomorrow, Brooklyn native, Joey Bada$$ sits down and chops it up with Hot97.

During the interview, Bada$$ revealed that he almost quit rapping for good, but in the midst of the thought-provoking conversation, he argued that New York radio stations aren’t where they should be and that they haven’t grown much over the past few years.

Without any filter, Bada$$ argues, “New York Radio; we need the new young Ebro. We need the new young Funk Flex. We need the new Peter Rosenberg man. Ya’ll holding they seats man. Let them grow. Let them grow under y’all man. Let them grow under y’all, cause y’all keeping shit a certain way, and New York radio, in my opinion, hasn’t grown too much in the last couple of years. It’s stayed the same.” He adds that, “Everybody else is beating us out now. You got Atlanta killing it, L.A killing it. You know why? Because they got young people involved, and they getting the inner cities involved.”

Joey’s statement obviously struck a nerve in Laura Stylez, Rosenberg and Ebro, and he counteracted it by saying that he isn’t implying that they should lose their job, but he does wants to see young millennials, like himself, in similar positions that they are in eventually.