We Got Bada$$ On The Track!

This year, Joey is making the music that he likes and not just some of the genres & sub-genres that he likes but, ALL of the music that he likes. Yesterday, London On Da Track released a snippet of a song that featured Joey and from the sounds of it, it sounds likes Joey is adapting to London’s style instead of the other way around which is understandable considering the fact that the song is going to be on his ‘Who Would’ve Known’ album. But if you know Pro Era/Joey fans then, you already know what the reaction to the news of this collaboration is.



This is trap. Joey has very sparingly even featured on a trap – produced beat. However, despite not being trap, his sound has changed a little bit in the past 2 years and his fans have been worrying about this for some time now. He’s been preaching about support from radio for a minute. He has been focusing less on sounding like it’s 1999 (pun intended) and focusing more on making good projects. He admitted to liking a Lil Uzi song. He’s freestyled over ‘Mask Off’ and most ‘egregious’ of all… he’s been singing. 😨

He’s been vocal about fans being fickle in the past so, it seems as if he’s choosing to write his own path and evolve as an artist despite what his original fan base wants. Let’s be real though. If you’re 22 years old, a fan of hip – hop and, a rapper, maybe it’s not so crazy to think that you could like boom bap AND current trap production, as well.

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To anybody reading this that maybe disappointed in Joey or thinks that he sold out, think about answer to this question before you blow up his Twitter Mentions with criticism: Is it possible to spit bars over a trap beat?

Check out the snippet below.

Paul Robinson