Joey Badass has now been hit hard with a $1.5 million lawsuit after he allegedly injured a Trump impersonator by the name of Phillip Wilburn.

Wilburn, who has made many appearances on shows such as Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live, shared a stage with Joey when Wilburn said Joey pushed him off of the stage causing him to fall and injury himself.

In the video footage, you can see a lot of commotion going on, not to mention there was even a Hillary Clinton impersonator on the stage as well.

I want to say Joey forgot these were just impersonators and not the real individuals, when Joey had the crowd cheering for the Hillary impersonator, which apparently motivated him to push Wilburn.

Joey is now being sued for $1.5 million in damages, while there is $1000 in medical expenses. That amount could sky rocket to $25,000 if Wilburn has to get surgery done for whatever he his injury may be.  He also is asking for $50,000 in lost profit.

The missing piece of the puzzle is where does Wilburn make off wanting over $1 million.