Last week Brooklyn artist Joey Badass stopped by HOT 97 to talk about everything going on with him lately. The conscious rapper digs deep with Nessa talking about his need to educate those around him, about some of the pressing issues that affect his community; and explaining how being in the music industry has certainly played a huge role in how he does that. Throughout the interview, Nessa is incredibly impressed by how much great work the young talent has done, especially with his appearance on CNN where he defends his core beliefs on such a large scale.

As joey speaks, he digs into the topic of how important the success of this generation is, and how “it’s okay to say your better than your idols”. He says this after being questioned about his statement said in an interview with Genius where he said he was better than Tupac.


Joey intelligently explained that he said this because he believes that our generation should learn from those before them to be better creating a new more enlightened generation, of not only artist but all people in general. He then goes on to discuss how proud and inspired he is by artist such as Chance the Rapper, who he believes is on a level greater than anything he’s seen in the industry so far. Mentioning how he is certain that Chance will continue to dominate in the industry and almost create a new standard of music. Joey goes on to discuss how his success sometimes feels like an outer body experience, and how he uses an artist like Lil Uzi Vert as an escape, explaining how important having that balance is. He ends with explaining how he has also let go of his beef with other Brooklyn artist Troy Ave, explaining that he wants to do and see better outcomes in his lifetime, and how he can’t waste energy on things like that.

That and more, watch.


Jocelyn Rivera