Harlem’s own Jay Prezi has been waiting on this moment for a long time.

On episode 3 of Rapfest Radio, he told us that it’s going to be a hot summer after his project dropped. The day is finally here.

Prezi recently dropped his new project, John John: MCLXXV, and it’s definitely a project you don’t want to miss out on.

Earlier this year, Jay Prezi dropped a collaborative EP with Yung Fliiboy titled Fliiboy Prezidential, after dropping his solo project Jay Pres for Prezident. He says that his newest project is completely different from both of those. He said, “With Flii Prezi & Jay Pres For Prezi, I feel like they kinda fit in the ‘now sound,’ while John John: MCLXXV is bringing people into my world instead of me venturing out into theirs.

Songs like “Brand New” and the Kadeem King- featured “What You Need,” is perfect for the gym. He also has very honest songs, featuring his father who’s found singing on “Hold It Down.”

The production on the project definitely serves as a backdrop for fire raps. Chase N Cashe, Evan Brown, High Volume Music and Chuck Lawayne are a few names that should serve as an automatic listen.

When Prezi chooses to do a show, he never fails to bring the city out. On the eve of dropping the project, he threw a listening party where he performed EVERY song. When asked about the turnout, he said, “With the listening party/concert, I just wanted to show my strengths, which are bringing people out and putting on a show. We had 550 RSVPs in a week, selling out. Even though it poured raining, [we] still packed the venue, so that was dope. We were right next door to Wiz Khalifa’s event, which was cool. I know I turned some heads.”

Now that John John: MCLXXV is out, the rest of the year is looking very bright for Jay Prezi. He was recently featured in VIBE Magazine’s VIBE Mixtape Vol. 1, which is a good look. The project has only been out for a week, and it’s already getting lots of love.

Check out John John: MCLXXV below. Also check out his episode of Rapfest Radio, where you’ll hear a little bit more insight on the project and the future. Harlem is definitely on the rise.