Capturing the essence of his artistry through reoccurring aerial scenery on the west side of the country, Jon Hope takes us on a journey in his new visual, The Left Hand.  Originally premiered on All Def Digital’s The Signal, the ShootersClubLA directed video captures Hope’s thought-provoking lyrics as he walks though southern California’s barren field letting us know that “this is not a Hoax” and his “music speaks for itself.” Leaving no trace of his face, Hope strategically shows the back of his beige trench coat as he proceeds on his journey in the field addressing the competition, lovers and haters.

The Left Hand serves as a small taste for whats to come on Jon Hopes forthcoming project, Savage Beauty, dropping later this year. From sharing the stage with Wiz Khalifa and working with J.Cole, it is clear that Jon Hope is an artist on the rise.

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