Jordan Edwards was just a kid.

It’s deeply saddening when kids can’t even just be kids anymore.

Going outside to play is nothing like it use to be.  As adults, we look back on the days of our childhood and how it was, running the streets with our friends and play cousins, all in good fun.  Man hunt, hide & seek, tag, hop scotch to becoming teens and joining in on high school parties & events.

None of it should ever end in bloodshed, we should never have to feel that fearful to let our kids out to play.  But as the news reels turn each day, we learn that now, this is the world we live in.

Especially for one particular type of kid.

15-year old Jordan Edwards, an honor student, a high school freshman from Balch Springs, Texas; leaving a party with his two brothers and two other friends.  Another young, innocent soul gone too soon.  And for what, another trigger happy man in a uniform ready to execute.

Jordan Edwards's KillingOn Saturday, April 29th, Jordan Edwards attended a party with family and friends, and as we hope, he might have enjoyed his last few hours alive.  Unbeknownst to him, upon his exit of the event, getting into that particular passenger seat of a vehicle to head home, around the same time police would arrive to address a call about some unsupervised teens and under-aged drinking, Jordan would meet his untimely fate.

And of course, at the time, to first justify the why, the Balch Springs police department would make a premature statement defending their illicit action as a reason to take another life; only to have to later refute it as the dash-cam footage from the shooter, a one now-former officer Roy Oliver was uncovered proving that statement to be false.

Another similar story to the many we’ve heard before.  Instead of going after real bad guys, police officers today create delinquents in their minds with intent to kill.  Followed by a made-up account of a make believe brute who they say was deserving of a bullet.

Jordan Edwards and his friends were not breaking any laws as they did not back down a dark street in an aggressive manner towards the officers, as stated in Oliver’s initial affidavit.  Dash-cam proved: another slaying of a young black life followed by another white lie.

And while yes, Oliver has since been released from his position with the Balch Springs Police Department, he so fortunately is able to be with his family and friends throughout this time.  Nevermind the fact that he blatantly lied and was caught outright, he broke a number of regulations while committing the unthinkable act, which alone should warrant his immediate arrest and prosecution by every stint of the law.

Since the beginning of time, the book has been thrown in the face of our communities with intent to scold and control.  Who is that calling the kettle black though?  A criminal with a badge.

Breaking their own laws, didn’t’ Oliver know the rules?  Even if his original statement was founded to be true, and the vehicle of which Jordan was in did forcefully back towards him, the law still doesn’t warrant a pulling of a gun, as it states one should “attempt to move out of its path, if possible, instead of discharging a firearm at it or any of its occupants.”  Where was Oliver’s head, a man who held his position since 2001.

Jordan’s death brings the number to 105.  With only 5 months into 2017, that number represents the amount of black deaths that have occurred at the hands of police.

Today’s young yutes get thrown in jail cells for crossing the street wrong, but a 37-year old Oliver can roam free with his only discipline being a job release?  And although that is a come-up from desk duty, which is frequently used to appease; I’m sorry, but not even his termination is enough.

Oliver will go on to get another job elsewhere, while Jordan’s brothers, family & friends will have to live on with the memory of their loved one being shot in the head for no apparent rationale.  They will have to go on with their lives knowing that their brother, son, friend did not deserve to die.